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Smart Card Driving License

Pentacomp’s driving license solution provides a personalized dual-interface polycarbonate smart card driving license.

For any individual willing to drive on their country’s roads, it is imperative that they are well prepared to do so. Considering this fact, the authoritative body of every country’s roads and highways mandates that aspirant drivers’ preparedness should be examined, and then they are accordingly licensed. This is done based on the aspirant drivers’ capability to drive, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the given authoritative body and, as proof of their preparedness; the relevant authority allows the aspirant driver to carry a document that licenses them to drive. Because of the importance of this driving license, it is essential that it is state-of-the-art, durable, secure, and portable, and that it is provided in due time.

Smart Card Features

Pentacomp’s driving license solution provides a personalized dual-interface polycarbonate smart card driving license. Drivers’ identification data, including a photograph, fingerprint and signature, are contained within the smart card. The biometric information is printed onto the card and is also encrypted into the chip, facilitating automatic verification. This system features secure, high-quality driving license smart cards, automated modules for reduced human intervention, accountability and transparency in the issuance process, an easy and customizable enrollment process, immutable log files of activities, and more. The cards themselves maintain the highest standards with a multi-layered hot laminated polycarbonate body, characterized by high durability, security, and flexibility. Polycarbonate offers high resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal stress, as well as environmental influences, ensuring durability.

Driving License Application Process

License application is automated via the following process:

Online application process for a learner license

Prior to the driving test learners go through a series of verification steps. Successful candidates are issued with a provisional license valid until their smart card is issued

Following biometric and SMS verification drivers receive their Smart Card Driving License

Furthermore, in the event of an applicant failing a driving test and wishing to retake it, they will have to book another appointment, pay a certain fee, submit the application and retake the test. Whether they need to retake all the relevant tests is decided based on which part of the test they were unable to pass. Once they have successfully passed all the tests the payment gateway will be enabled. They can then pay, in turn generating the e-driving license.


Maintaining road safety is one of the crucial indicators of an effective government and, to ensure that every citizen can enjoy a safe experience on their country’s roads, providing driving licenses to all drivers as a means of making them accountable is necessary. Driving licenses should, hence, be delivered in an organized, timely manner. Pentacomp’s automation of the driving license solution caters to that need, creating the opportunity for the process to be revolutionized.

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