e-Parking is a smart parking system integrated with our smart phone parking app.

Congestion and parking space availability

Globally, driving has now become the prevalent method of transport. Despite driving being the most private and secure method of transport around the world, some factors may hinder a driver’s journey time such as parking space availability or congestion. This exponential rise in driving as the preferred method of transport has resulted in a reduction in parking availability. Thus, exacerbating congestion through the absence of a structured method to find parking which is resolved through Pentacomp’s e-Parking solution.

The hindrance and lack of structure that drivers experience is amplified in developing nations. Such nations have infrastructures which cannot withstand the exponential increase of vehicle usage in recent times. This is where Pentacomp’s e-Parking solution serves as a tool for efficiency and organisation amongst drivers. Through our strategic use of technology, we have created a path for all nations to use, which eases the pressures of finding parking spaces; not only saving you time and stress, but ultimately creating an organised and structured driving experience.

Smart Parking System Functionality

Through the use of data (collected from electronic maps) Pentacomp’s e-Parking solution assesses the availability of parking spaces within designated vicinities. The system operates in Real Time, meaning the information on the available parking spaces is constantly updated. e-Parking brings the parking infrastructure to life through the use of various technological tools, such as sensors and CCTV for live footage of parking spaces.

Our e-Parking solution aims to reduce congestion in streets that is caused by disorderly parking. Not only will our e-Parking system create a structured routine for drivers, saving them time and efficiency, it will also reduce money spent on petrol as less petrol will be expended when driving around in search for parking spots. The decreased use of petrol saves the driver economically, but more importantly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances- thus, simultaneously improving the world’s atmosphere and the driver’s financial state.

The Smartphone Parking App

The parking app gives users access to real-time images of parking lots

Smartphones have now become an extension of our identity- they are accessible, personal, and time-efficient. Universally, drivers tend to use their smartphones (in a handsfree and legal manner) to navigate around. In light of this, using our e-Parking app to resourcefully find parking spaces would not be an unfamiliar solution.

The app extrapolates information from parking vicinities (whether it is from; parking lots, side roads or on-street spaces) in the real world, which is then transferred onto your mobile device – making driving much more comfortable and stress-free. With ease, drivers can navigate the parking zones surrounding them, or in their city through the app. In the app users can search for both areas to park, and different types of parking spaces (such as on-street or off-street parking).

Conveniently, the app further saves drivers time and effort through the addition of our e-wallet services (which are available dependant in which country the app is being used) to effortlessly pay for parking on your smartphone. Additionally, unpaid parking fees are charged against the vehicle during its annual registration renewal process, alongside fines for not paying fees on time. The app also allows users to access their history of parking fees.

Benefits of the Smartphone parking app

Benefit 1: On-street parking made easy.

Pentacomp’s e-Parking solution simplifies on-street parking. An explanation of how this is performed including its mechanisms for diagonal, vertical and parallel parking is presented visually below.

On-Street Diagonal & Vertical Parking

On-street diagonal and vertical parking involving NPR technology, QR code scanning and surveillance cameras.

-The e-Parking solution uses cameras to ensure that real-time information on vacant parking spots is received. These cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of the zones, and cover every parking spot.

-Both parking fees and fines for overstaying a pre-booked time slot are collected using the app instantly. The app provides a simplistic method of processing payments, and delivers a digital receipt to the owner of the vehicle using the app.

-Pre-booking parking spots are made exclusive to certain zones. These zones have extra levels of security, and only allow self-driven vehicles.

-Drivers scan a QR code near the parking space which indicates their arrival to the located parking spot on the app; allowing the cameras to detect the location of the vehicle. This, in turn, is automatically identified through the app and starts the parking timer.

On-street parallel parking uses a combination of QR code scanning, mounted cameras and a hand held device operated by an on-duty officer.

-Parallel parking also uses the QR code mechanism to scan parking spaces, triggering the parking timer to start.

-Both entry and exit times of vehicles are monitored through the data collected from the mounted cameras.

-Our number plate recognition service monitors all vehicles entering and leaving the parking zones – making the calculation of the duration of parking accurate and simple.

Benefit 2: Off-street parking made simple, safe and secure.

Off-Street Outdoor Parking Lot

How Pentacomp’s smart parking system operates in an off-street outdoor parking lot with the use of mounted cameras, NPR technology, QR scanners and sensors.

-Number plates of vehicles are viewed at entry and exit points by the cameras.

-Cameras log entry and exit times as well as provide security. The total cost is calculated dependent on the time spent.

-Through Pentacomp’s e-Parking app the parking lot’s capacity is accessible. Display boards integrated within the system are installed on every floor to show the number of available parking spaces, which are also available to view on the app.

-The availability of the parking spaces is monitored through the use of sensors.

Off-Street Indoor Parking

How Pentacomp’s smart parking system operates in an off-street indoor parking lot with the use of mounted cameras, NPR technology, QR scanners and sensors.

-For indoor parking, both entry and exit times are logged, allowing fees to be calculated according to time spent in the respective parking space.

-Number plates of vehicles are viewed at entry and exit points by the cameras.

-Overhead light signals indicate when a parking space is vacant, giving drivers an immediate sign to see which space is available for them to park in. Green lights indicate free space, red lights indicate filled space, and yellow lights indicate spaces that have been pre-booked by users over the e-Parking app.

-Surveillance cameras surround the parking spaces, ensuring a sense of security for each vehicle owner.


Pentacomp’s e-Parking solution brings ease, efficiency and organisation to drivers – simplifying daily driving routines. The e-Parking app allows a reduction in both time spent, and levels of stress pointlessly induced within drivers. Whether indoor, outdoor, on-street or off-street parking, Pentacomp guarantees that your parking experience is as simplistic and structured as possible through our effective use of sensors, cameras and the smartphone app.

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