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Clean Air Solution

Pentacomp’s clean air solution aims to improve indoor air quality with the use of air purification and decontamination technology to eradicate mould, bacteria, viruses and harmful mineral particles.

Indoor air quality

Taking shelter, running for cover, safe as houses – all these phrases serve to imply that being indoors means being protected. This long-standing truth falters, however, in the face of recent reports showing that indoor air is, on average, five times more contaminated and ten times more toxic than outdoor air. Indoor air potentially contains mould, bacteria, viruses such as coronaviruses, and harmful mineral particles such as lead. Contaminated air contributes to various illnesses, the most common among them being respiratory diseases such as asthma; it has also been shown to lead to higher rates of cancer, heart disease and strokes.

These conditions are potentially fatal; however, considering modern technology’s potential to improve our lives, the risks posed by contaminated air can be reduced. Currently, many air purifying technologies are in use which can significantly mitigate the threat posed by contaminated air.

Types of air decontamination technology

There are many viable methods to accomplish air decontamination (eliminating harmful substances from the air), including mechanical filtering, ionization, and chemical methods.

Typical methods used to eliminate air-borne microorganisms include; Ozone, UV- Light, Hepa-Filters. To effectively use these methods they need to be activated in an unmanned environment and require servicing on a regular basis to prevent the release of trapped microorganisms.

Table comparing air decontamination methods: Ozone, UV- Light and Hepa-Filters

The technology behind Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution

Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution employs a mechanical method of eradicating– not simply trapping or filtering – airborne microorganisms. This is achieved by exposing the microbial or viral cell receptors and membranes to constant electric fields of a given orientation and tension, known as electroporation. The strength of the electric field is designed to destroy any microorganisms and viruses irrespective of their specified type. The technology is automated and ensures that at least 99% of microorganisms are made inactive. It also prevents any residue from accumulating inside the device, thus eradicating any chance of a revival or remission of any microorganisms. Furthermore, the devices using the technology;

  • are durable – service life of the equipment is ten years
  • need no expendables
  • are energy saving – their energy consumption is similar to that of an LED light bulb
  • are environmentally friendly – they use no chemicals in the inactivation process, and do not require any special disposal.

The revolutionary technology used in Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution, does more than ensure the improvement of indoor air quality. It guarantees:

  • the prevention of spread of infections and multi-drug resistant bacteria
  • acceleration of the recovery period in case of influenza and other infections
  • protection of immunocompromised individuals
  • elimination of mold in hot and humid environments
  • saving cost on overheads for food and agricultural businesses by increasing shelf life of products.

The info graphic below gives an overview of how the technology works:

How contaminated air is sterilized using the electroporation effect

The technology for our clean air solution is internationally patented, and has been recognized by the following renowned institutions:

  • Harvard School of Public Health (USA)
  • The Conformity Laboratories (Korea)
  • The East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • The State Institute of Tuberculosis (Russia), and
  • The Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Russia).

Alongside being the only air decontaminating technology in use onboard NASA’s international space-station, our solution is also employed by:

  • Botkin Hospital, the largest general medical center in Moscow
  • Russian Railways
  • Probiotic LLC
  • PepsiCo
  • Danone
  • East Salt Bakeries, and
  • other major hospitals throughout the world.

Air decontamination Equipment Range

Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution has a varied range of air decontamination equipment to serve every purpose and need.

Standalone air decontamination unit for the food industry

Technical specification overview for standalone air decontamination unit for the food and agricultural industry

Standalone air decontamination unit for healthcare

Technical specification overview for standalone air decontamination unit for usage in healthcare

Induct mount air decontamination unit

Technical specification overview of induct mount air decontamination unit

Laminar flow air decontamination unit

Technical specification overview of laminar flow air decontamination unit

Application of Clean Air Solution – Product Usage

Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution is adaptable and the technologies and products can be utilized in a wide variety of settings:

  • Hospitals and operating theatres
  • Offices, including government institutions
  • Different forms of public transport
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets and Agricultural Business Holdings
  • Schools
  • Sports centers
  • Homes, and
  • Indoor public spaces.


Pentacomp’s Clean Air Solution reinforces a positive impact in making life indoors cleaner and healthier. This will be achieved through; improving the air quality in hospitals, offices, public transport, airports, supermarkets, schools, sports centers and indoor public spaces as well as in people’s homes.

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