AirVein uses drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for the transport of cargo in urban airspace, inspection of infrastructure in remote areas and the monitoring of critical national infrastructure.

Modern Air Transport

AirVein – the first project of its kind is a complete, autonomous transport system based on cargo drones. The system will be dedicated for airspace in urban areas (U-Space). It consists of advanced control software, a fleet of specialised unmanned aerial vehicles, a robust ground infrastructure, and reliable a communication system.

AirVein is a complete, autonomous transport system based on cargo drones

How do we use drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)


AirVein drones can transport small-sized standard / specialised cargo

The autonomous AirVein system ensures that human involvement in the transport process is reduced significantly. All stages of transport operations are controlled through the cloud-based IT system; commencing with UAV flight preparations, to flight control, and concluding with the cargo unloading process.

Our transport standards are based on the same strict regulations used in blood transport, enabling the AirVein system to transport small-sized standard cargo and any type of cargo that requires special treatment.


AirVein inspection drone scoping infrastructure for necessary repairs and maintenance activities


For asset maintenance units, it is essential to gather reliable and consistent data about the current state of infrastructure such as, electricity pylons, wind turbines and oil pipelines. The drone scopes for necessary repairs and maintenance activities.


The solution offered by Pentacomp involves using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to perform technical inspections from the air. The data gathered from the inspection is analysed using GIS mapping, and the results are relayed through detailed reports.

Photo imagery, video footage, multispectral images (such as infrared), and point clouds collected during UAV flights are automatically tagged, organized and assigned.


AirVein drone monitoring critical national infrastructure


In order to ensure the protection and safety of people and critical national infrastructure (such as borders, oil refineries, and railway networks) a continuous monitoring solution is essential. In light of this, we recommend using our UAV based monitoring system – AirVein.

AirVein’s monitoring system is comprised of a ground-based infrastructure (fully automatic hangars) and UAVs. The process of preparing the UAVs for flight excludes human intervention. During monitoring operations, the UAV can utilise a hangar for an automatic battery replacement and return to airspace in under 3 minutes.

Thanks to AirVein’s well-structured hangar network, the drone can monitor extensive areas in an automatic mode 24/7, continuously providing necessary data.

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