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Electronic Identity (e-ID)

e-ID (electronic identity) is the digital equivalent of the ID we use today and has multi-application schemes.

As the world moves to a more digitised future, a shift from traditional forms of identification is needed. This is where the role of e-ID (electronic identity) comes in. In short, it is the digital equivalent of the ID we use today. Much like its physical counterpart, an e-ID will display a set of verified attributes of the holder which can be used to identify and authenticate the person.

Businesses are slowly shifting their focus to more digitally orientated platforms. E-commerce as well as digital payment systems are flourishing. The implementation of e-ID’s will make the user’s experience more seamless. Gone will be the days of filling out forms and submitting documents in person as e-ID’s can be used to authenticate users on any platform. It will be able to provide identity assurance for any kind of transaction and bridge the analogue gap of various processes. Simply by using their e-ID’s, users will be able to access services conveniently and securely through a single ID instead of multiple credentials. This will revolutionize banking and other financial services, insurance, medical and public services.

This will also prevent fraud and forgery- fighting against terrorism and corruption. e-ID documents will include e-Passports, national e-ID cards, electronic residence permits, etc. These solutions will utilize the document holder’s personal data, including biometrics to guarantee identification and verification.

e-ID (electronic identity) is the digital equivalent of the ID we use today. Much like its physical counterpart, an e-ID will display a set of verified attributes of the holder which can be used to identify and authenticate the person

e-ID Features

e-ID, or any form of electronic documentation, provides several layers of security as opposed to paper documents. They are password-protected and its contents are encrypted. Additionally, these documents provide audit trails, showing all parties who have accessed it. This is a significant advantage over paper files. It also fares better in terms of accessibility as it can be accessed anytime from anywhere, thereby giving control to the holder. e-ID’s also provide the following benefits:

Will make e-services more seamless

Electronic identity is an ideal tool for all kinds of e-services. They will allow access to all kinds of customized services in both the public and private sectors. It will also increase the ease and speed of transactions

Improve security

e-ID’s will establish more trustworthy links between individuals and services and will thereby improve security and accountability. It will also decrease the threats posed by of corruption and terrorism as the use of biometrics will make it harder for individuals to fabricate any information.

Lower cost of operations for businesses

The e-ID infrastructure will be able to support various applications at a marginal cost with the introduction of e-services. This will also enable them to decrease costs in various sectors, particularly in administration through increased efficiency. e-IDs will facilitate the implementation of transactional systems which will reduce the need for manual and repetitive work and interactions.

Will make travelling easier

e-ID’s will simplify the work for cross-border systems by making the exchange of information easier and causing a decrease in face-to-face and on-site interactions. From a citizen’s perspective, it will reduce the hassle of repeatedly filling out forms. This will also reduce inconvenience caused by language barriers.

Will form the foundation of an e-nation

e-ID will serve as the building blocks of an e-nation. It will grant citizens of an entire nation access to all it has to offer, including healthcare, finance, transport, voting rights, law, education, and shopping from just one tiny piece of digital documentation. In doing so it will make it more convenient for governments and policy makers to maintain a steady growth of their respective nations.

e-ID multi-application schemes include: Online Authentication, e-Voting, Transport Ticketing (CIPURSE), e-Residence Permit, e-Signature, e-Tax, e-Health & e-Social Security and e-Passport.


e-ID will revolutionize multiple sectors and will also open the doors to the introduction of more multifunctional, state of the art turnkey solutions once implemented. It will make life easier and more convenient for not only holders of the ID, but also for service providers and the government.

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