Pentacomp’s e-Health solutions incorporate e-Prescription, e-Referral, IHE XDS and HL7 FHIR repositories in their Health Information Exchange Infrastructure based on interoperability standards.

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Interoperability standards, on which the health information exchange and the capacity to analyse data are dependent on, form the basis of Pentacomp’s e-Health solutions. Additionally, on a national level, these standards will reduce the costs of maintenance and integration of the whole e-health ecosystem.

Healthcare Central Platform

Health Information Exchange Infrastructure

Electronic Prescription

Substituting paper with electronic prescriptions ensures a simplified method of controlling and monitoring medical activities. In turn this will enable the government to obtain an improved system that manages the financial reimbursement process. Additionally, global healthcare systems would benefit from the reduction of time spent to manually complete prescriptions through our e-prescription system along with a number of other benefits.

Replacement of paper based prescriptions with e-Prescriptions on devices like tablets

Further benefits from our e-prescription system will provide advantages in relation to patient safety and care as well as organisational benefits, including;

  • Immediate notifications on patient allergies, drug interactions, the requirement of dose adjustment and duplication of prescriptions
  • Provides a means to reduce prescribing errors
  • A uniformed approach to drug dosing and administration
  • Enables organisations to monitor which medications are used most frequently, allowing for stock piling as well as finical budgeting for departments
  • A secure method of storing patients medical history on a secure software, erasing the issue of misplaced or lost patient information

Electronic Referral

Pentacomp’s e-referral software will allow patients to utilise the healthcare system in a simplistic and efficient manner. Patients will electronically receive a referral on their electronic medical account without the need of leaving the comforts of their homes. The days of waiting in long queues will become a thing of the past.

Electronic Medical Account

Our electronic platform will provide the patient with the benefit of a personalised patient experience as well as a more efficient method of managing healthcare records. Through the online access to healthcare records, patients are given a clear insight into the history of;

  • Clinic outcomes
  • Patient co-morbidities
  • Surgical and procedural history
  • Previous imaging
  • Current medications
  • Physician’s management plans
  • Follow up

IHE XDS Document Repository and Registry

The Document Repository organises the structure of the consistent storage of documents and is also responsible for these documents being registered with the suitable Document Registry. The Document Registry structures metadata concerning each individual registered document, this includes a link to the Document in the Repository where it is kept.

Document Registries answer inquiries from various EHR/HIS systems that are incorporated with HIE in relation to documents meeting specific criteria. Additionally, it applies specified healthcare technical policies at the same time of document registration.

HL7 FHIR Based Medical Records Repository

HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a data exchange standard used for the storage of electronic health records. Through utilising our repository, institutions have a platform to facilitate the interoperability of their healthcare systems. This is performed through the use of a standards based solution, which controls the most established FHIR application across the globe.

Medical Registers Platform

The central IT platform facilitates electronic communication- integrating and offering entrepreneurs e-government services within a given field in the healthcare sector.

The Medical Registers Platform

The aims of our medical registers platform include;

  • Cultivating high quality data
  • Providing e-services to healthcare actors across the world
  • Facilitating a simplified and secure process of data exchange
  • Providing a reliable source of accurate data
  • Implementing our detailed e-services for patients (e.g. e-referral, exchanging
  • medical data, e-prescriptions).

Accessible medical archives include registries of:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Doctors
  • Midwives and Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Register of Medicinal Products.

Domain Systems in Healthcare

The main purpose of domain systems is to improve business processes related to access to information on the circulation of medicinal products.

Domain Systems in Healthcare

The primary aim of domain systems is to develop business procedures that are related to gain information on the movement and flow of medicinal products.

  • Our solution processes data important in deciding drug reimbursements, food for specific nutritional requirements or medical devices.
  • The system accumulates and administers relevant information on the organisation and the course of training of medical personnel, which then enables the effective flow of data about the educational process between individuals in accordance with the respective laws of the country.
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