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e-Passport (Electronic Passport)

An e-Passport (or electronic passport) has a contactless microprocessor that digitally stores information, such as the ID photo and the ID data, along with fingerprints, iris, and facial scans.

The matter of international travel and border crossing is one that experiences continual changes and challenges. In order to ensure that travellers are provided with security and to ensure their travel is facilitated, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – the United Nations agency that oversees international air travel – has necessitated the use of electronic passports (more frequently referred to as e-Passports or biometric passports).

e-Passports have a contactless microprocessor that digitally stores information, such as the ID photo and the ID data, along with fingerprints, iris, and facial scans. Currently, the majority of passports in circulation are e-Passports and have features specifically designed to enhance security. Technological improvements such as secure credentialing are rapidly becoming sought after.

e-Passports have features specifically designed to enhance security

e-Passport Functionality

Pentacomp offers a comprehensive turnkey solution with state-of-the-art software to support end-to-end personalization and issuance activities for e-Passports including; individual pre-enrolment, enrolment, biometric de-duplication, data storage and management, personalization, quality assurance, inventory management, packaging, shipment and delivery tracking.

The software offered shall include:

Pre-enrolment portal:

Citizens will be able to securely apply for new passports through this portal. Personal biographic information is needed for an e-Passport application. Additionally, citizens shall be able to make electronic payments for services. The portal supports an appointment option which citizens will be able to use and set a convenient date for subsequent enrolment steps.


The enrolment application will be used by operators to capture biographic and biometric information of citizens applying for e-Passports. Captured biometrics may include 10 fingerprints, photos and iris scans. The application shall also be attachable to scanned documents related to the application. The application shall support both on and offline modes of enrolment.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS):

The AFIS component will be utilized to de-duplicate all citizen records through n:N matching. The system shall also support identification (1:n) and verification functions wherever necessary.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

Iris Matching System:

This system, along with the face matcher, shall complement the AFIS system by resolving identity issues that could not be resolved by the AFIS. Supporting multi-modal biometrics shall strengthen the integrity of the system considerably.

Face Recognition System:

A third biometric matching feature to complement the AFIS and iris matching systems.

Credential Management System (CMS):

The central CMS shall deliver a rich set of workflow, lifecycle, record and data management options to facilitate a methodical approach to managing credential personalization. Supporting a modular architecture, the system shall include a range of supporting services such as record viewing/editing, extensive search, reporting, user management and a hierarchical access control system.

Key Management System (KMS):

This will be used for generation, exchange, storage, safeguarding, use, vetting, and replacement of security objects. This part of the solution is responsible for providing secured ways of credential personalization through a unique combination of keys for each user / credential, based on complex mathematical functions.

Credential Personalization System (CPS):

Through integrating with the CMS, this module shall be is responsible for executing credential personalization and other related activities such as; data prefetching, data preparation, personalization and quality assurance. The CPS shall be closely linked with related activities in the supply chain including:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Inventory management and disposal tracking
  • Packaging
  • Loading and shipment
  • Delivery and issuance tracking

Automated Data Cleansing and Migration Tool:

This process will transfer passport-holder’s data from the existing system to the new system. Necessary measures will be taken to ensure a smooth transition of data by keeping the existing system live during data the migration process.


Through implementing our intricate technology for e-Passports, around the world, we will facilitate the lives of citizens. Pentacomp’s solution for e-Passports goes beyond enabling a simplistic travel experience – we create a platform which allows secure and safe travel.

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