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PentaLEX Legal Management Software

PentaLEX Legal Management Software offers law firms and legal departments an orderly system that manages and monitors cases, contracts, proceedings and legal documents.

Support for legal departments – Improve the quality of legal services in your company

PentaLEX Legal Management Software will help you improve the quality of legal services in your company

Are the vast number of contracts, proceedings and legal documents becoming overwhelming? Our PentaLEX solution alleviates this pressure, serving as a tool that will help you improve the quality of legal services in your company.

PentaLEX offers a way to better organize your legal team’s workload. It enables the efficient assignment, handling and monitoring of cases. This then increases the productivity of lawyers in the firm through facilitating their administrative work.

Your legal department in one efficient system


PentaLEX offers law firms an orderly system that handles and monitors cases. PentaLEX will help you increase the efficiency of your legal department, effectively lowering costs.


Take advantage of the freedom to manage processes. Automate, freely define parameters, and monitor them accordingly.


With PentaLEX you will gather opinions and legal knowledge in one place and efficiently distribute information within the firm.

A communication platform that increases the efficiency of legal services

Inquiries, contracts and proceedings – all in one place. With PentaLEX, lawyers and other employees gain a common communication platform in regards to legal matters. Invest in a platform that will make legal services in your company faster and more efficient than ever before.

PentaLEX offers a centralized communication platform for legal services

  • Significant reduction of case handling time due to the effective assignment of tasks
  • Time tracking and a controlled authorization systems
  • Easier management of the legal team’s workload.
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