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Electronic Document Circulation

Electronic Document Circulation is a modernized software tool that helps to bring order to documents. It supports documents at all stages of their life cycle.

Reinforcing order, comfort and security

Electronic Document Circulation is a modernised software tool that helps to bring order to documents. It supports documents at all stages of their life cycle, from their creation in standard templates, to the approval process and electronic signature, until the stage of transferring them to the customers.

Pentacomp’s Electronic Document Circulation software supports documents at all stages of their life cycle

Thanks to the integration with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), you can efficiently convert scanned documents into text. You can archive them safely in the digital document repository, which is integrated within the system. Due to the modular structure, you can easily adjust the system to facilitate the requirements of your company.

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The application enables contact with customers through an electronic documents transmission platform. If they contain a qualified signature, the standard EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor) component will verify this signature and confirm the credibility of the correspondence.


The EDPS supports the full range of correspondence and shipment management features. It provides easy access to documents with full search functionality (with both full-text queries and attributes). The tool also allows you to convert scanned files to editable formats (OCR).


With the use of clear graphical presentation, in the form of diagrams, the tool provides ongoing insight into processes. You are constantly made aware of what stage the handling of the mandate is at, and are up-to date with delegation or vacation requests (we provide integration with the HR system).

One tool, many benefits

  • Greater management efficiency thanks to the ongoing control of document flow
  • Higher work efficiency due to the effective process control and standardization of operating methods
  • Greater safety and convenience of use

Electronic Document Circulation facilitates effective process control

The system is a comprehensive tool increasing the efficiency of document management.  It shortens the time of searching for documents and allows the constant access to archives. EDC reinforces a secure work environment by reducing the risk of errors and limiting the risk of losing paper documents. The tool will also allow you to reduce expenses on office supplies.

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