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We make life easier for the legal department at BGŻ BNP Paribas


BGŻ BNP Paribas is one of the largest banks in Poland and part of BNP Paribas, one of the largest banking groups in the euro area.

Lawyer (advocate, jurist) help protect rights. Law represented by paragraph symbol. Protection of rights and freedoms.


Dozens of specialists, hundreds of cases a week, thousands of documents, servicing a network of nearly 500 branches – the legal department in large corporations cannot function effectively without an appropriate solution. Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas urgently needed a solution that would replace a set of numerous scattered tools supporting the work of lawyers. One that would respond to real needs and reflect the Bank’s business rules. The systems for law firms available on the market are not adapted to the specificity of the work of legal departments of large organizations, and their modification would only be a half-measure.

Therefore, the Bank decided to order a tailor-made solution. The client’s goal was clear – a solution that would replace the tools used so far, automate the work of the legal department and improve its management through the use of reporting tools, and allow for flexible process definition.


Designing a dedicated solution is never an easy process and requires a good understanding of the client’s business. Implementation turns into a real challenge if it also comes at a time when the organization is undergoing deep changes. The Pentacomp team was faced with such a situation. As a result of the planned merger of Bank BGŻ PNP Paribas with the core business of Raiffeisen Bank Polska, the legal department will double. The new solution supporting his work must be able to handle a much larger number of cases than before. For this reason, many of the Bank’s requirements were still in the preliminary stages. Managing the work in such a way as to remain flexible in the approach to changes in relation to the client’s expectations while keeping to the schedule was a real challenge.

How to pass such an exam?

Agile methodology and running the project in symbiosis with the client once again turned out to be the key to success. Thanks to the continuous review of needs together with the Bank and the iterative approach, i.e. gradual improvement of the solution components, active prototypes were created already at the analysis stage. Users could imagine the ready-made elements of the system already at the stage of formulating the requirements and introduce changes to them on an ongoing basis.


“For me, as a person managing the Legal Division, it is a great tool. It automatically archives opinions, facilitates the coordination of work, and also provides control mechanisms. Through the reporting system, it enables efficient management of the team and the matters that it is to “handle”. It is also important to provide our internal customers with a tool that is friendly to them. They know who will issue an opinion and on what date, they can use the knowledge base gathered in one place. ”

Managing Director of the Legal Division at Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas received a solution perfectly tailored to its needs. It supports exactly those matters for which the legal area of ​​the company is responsible:

  • handling legal inquiries,
  • legal opinions on contracts,
  • handling administrative proceedings in which the organization participates,
  • handling court cases in which the organization is a party,
  • collection and distribution of legal knowledge.

The solution supports group work, provides convenient access to information and documents, and is regulated by the authorization system. It also addresses one of the key needs of every large legal department. By controlling the time and costs of handling cases, it enables the corporation to monitor work efficiency, and facilitates the registration of time spent by lawyers.

Based on the experience of the project, Pentacomp has created PentaLEX , a universal solution supporting the work of legal departments in large corporations.