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mojeID: Universal identification

Fintech (finance technology) has an increasingly important influence on the evolution of the needs of the banking sector . The answer to them is the idea of ​​”Digital Acceleration” – an element of the government project “From paper to digital Poland”. The National Clearing House has a special share in the implementation of this program. As a key entity in the infrastructure of the Polish payment system, the company actively supports the development of the financial sector, being an R&D center and a center for innovative shared services. At the request of KIR, Pentacomp in cooperation with Accenture has built a digital identity confirmation system – mojeID.


The main function of mojeID is the digital identity confirmation service on websites. It works similarly to the Trusted Profile, but is addressed to commercial entities. Each project is associated with challenges. At mojeID, one of them was to reconcile the many different interest groups involved in the service. Banks, commercial service providers and individual clients are different environments that operate in different legal environments. As co-creators of the solution, we had to get to know them.

At the same time, the system was to be ergonomic and user-friendly. The mojeID service consists of numerous and complex processes that occur multiple times in a single user operation. Their complexity is not to be felt. Another big challenge was the entry of the GDPR .


Pentacomp in cooperation with Accenture has built a comprehensive system of identity confirmation and authorization of operations. Recognition and reconciliation of various interests of groups participating in the process of providing services took place thanks to close cooperation with the parties and process owners.

During the implementation stage of the GDPR guidelines, Pentacomp used the knowledge acquired in a parallel project of building an IT tool supporting large organizations in meeting the requirements of this regulation. The applied solutions made it possible to create an intuitive and, above all, safe system compliant with various legal conditions, which takes the financial sector to a completely new level of digital services provision.


The mojeID system, co-created by Pentacomp, allows KIR to extend its offer with a unique solution. It helps banks meet the needs of consumers who care about modern solutions that fit their pace and lifestyle. The solution provides the convenience of the simplicity of access to digital services and the guarantee of the security of their data. After the system is launched by KIR, consumers will be able to remotely confirm their identity. To register on the Service Provider’s website, or to regain the ability to log in after forgetting the password, the recipient will not have to appear in person at the service point. All you need to do is log in to your bank and confirm the operation with a strong authorization tool, e.g. with an SMS code.


mojeID is a solution that allows the banking sector to play a new role – an Identity Provider for commercial Service Providers. Remote Identity Confirmation is an attractive solution for customers and also increases the credibility of Identity Providers. The use of services and websites that require proof of identity (e.g. insurance companies, media providers, health care facilities) will become trouble-free and safe for consumers. In turn, Service Providers will improve the quality of their business, reduce costs and increase turnover due to easier access to their services.