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IT competences that program your business for success

The development of competences is an important element of our strategy and one of the foundations of successful cooperation with partners. We are constantly looking to the future following technological innovations and trends in digitization. We are also able to combine technology with business and science in such a way that they support each other. Thanks to this, we are able to take bold, innovative projects, the effects of which help our clients achieve success.

Technologies that change the world

Thanks to modern, advanced IT solutions, we have been supporting our clients’ businesses and public institutions for years. Modern technologies help us in this. The proficiency of our experts in their selection and application allows us to create systems that increase the convenience and effectiveness of users ‘work, and often also contribute to greater safety and comfort of citizens’ lives.

We work with the best

To provide products and services that meet the needs of even the most demanding customers, we complement our competences with technologies, tools and knowledge of our partners. We work with leaders in their fields, thanks to which we constantly improve our know-how and offer innovative solutions that meet the growing needs of the market.

Experts in agility

Agile is a modern approach to creating IT solutions. The essence of this group of methods is the close cooperation of the supplier with the customer and the so-called Agile (iterative and incremental) programming that allows faster and simpler achievement of goals of high complexity and variability. It is an alternative to classical methods based on far-reaching planning, traditional organization of project teams and formal communication. We implement the Agile approach using Scrum – the most popular and the most developed method of this type.

The benefits of using the Scrum method lead us to implement it wherever possible – even in large, very complex projects, where many teams work on creating one product. For the purposes of such challenges, we have successfully implemented the unique Nexus framework, the core of which is Scrum scalability. Nexus shows how to divide work between multiple teams, how to minimize dependencies between, as well as how to manage the manufacturing process while maintaining consistency and quality and compliance with the main Scrum principles.