Smart City.

Cities of the Future

Smart cities are better-optimised cities and the concept allows any city the potential to embrace. Smart cities use digital technology to connect and improve the lives of citizens.

Pentacomp currently works on a wide range of solutions regarding the Smart City model. We at Pentacomp pay attention to the potential in Smart Cities’ solutions, with benefits visible both for citizens, local authorities and national service that are responsible for maintaining environmental protection and safety

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Pentacomp currently designs a wide range of solutions related to the Smart City concept. Our Smart City endeavours constitute seamlessly with our global strategy and presence.


We have moving forward
products for customers.


Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a software package supporting digitization in healthcare, intended for medical institutions, pharmacies and IT application developers.

Insurance Management Software


PentaLIFE is a software package of industry solutions for enterprises and insurance companies. The solution operates intuitively and is easily integrated with other systems.

Legal Management Software


PentaLEX offers a way to better organize your legal team’s workload. It enables the efficient assignment, handling and monitoring of cases.

Tax and Excise Platform


PentaTAX platform is intended for the exchange of information with the various systems of the Ministries of Finance in countries across the globe. Discover each of the modules that form the PentaTAX platform including SENT, eDD, eAD and JPK.


We have moving forward
products for customers.